Friday, December 7, 2012

At the Flatiron TONIGHT with Megan Jean and The KFB, and Patrick Ferguson of Vel Indica (12/7)

We'll be at the Flatiron tonight for a wonderful time listening to our friends play music, and playing some music ourselves.  Patrick Ferguson of Vel Indica will be kicking it off at 10pm, then the fabulous Megan Jean and Byrne Klay, aka Megan Jean and The KFB will wow us all with their stupendous show.  Then we're up, to close out the night with a long Blockheads set.  Hope to see you there!

EP 1, This Was Live Once: Matty Sheets and Some of the Blockheads from Harvey Robinson on Vimeo.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Turntable's Grand Opening

We'll be playing Turntable's Grand Opening in Jamestown, NC on November 17th.  It's a brand new venue/coffee house/bar/cool place.  Here, let me let them tell you about it.  This is from Turntable's website, :

About The Owners:
We are Turntable, aka Jonathan and Renee. If you have not met us yet, we hope that changes soon! Over the past nine years, while living in the DC metro area, independently and as a couple, we found ourselves living in local coffee shops, intimate music venues, and record stores. The idea of Turntable ventures back to our first date when we attended one of these favorite venues for their open mic night. That evening we both shared a vision of opening our own live music venue. With the opportunity to create an atmosphere within a house that holds so much family history, we couldn’t think of a better place to begin.

We have created a unique space with eclectic and vintage furniture that combines inspiration with our own personal flavor. It may remind you of your living room or basement growing up. Either way, we hope the nostalgia mixed with live music will make you feel back at home and happy. Our primary goal is to provide a venue featuring up and coming artists to perform and be heard. Come sit back, relax with your beverage of choice at Turntable - Extended Play for all…

We'll be playing at 1:00pm, following a Pumpkin Smashing event, and right before the band Suitcase.  I'm excited.  -matty

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This Month in the Life of The Blockheads

Drawing by Stefan DiMuzio
We will be performing twice this month (September), so there two chances to see us play, and at two different venues. The first show will be on Friday, 9/28 at Sessions on Spring Garden St.  It'll be an earlier show, and we'll be playing with our friend Chelsea who performs as Ten Cent Poetry- from Asheville, NC.  This will be our first show at Sessions.

The next night, 9/29, we will be performing at CFBG for Greensboro Fest 2012!  We love Greensboro Fest, and we haven't played CFBG in a looooong time.  Also playing that night at CFBG: The Old One-Two, The Raving Knaves, and Albino Rhino.

Our first album should be done by this Fall!  Stay tuned for updates...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 13th at the Flatiron

The Blockheads will be at the Flatiron with Slingshot Dakota (from PA), and The Old One-Two on June 13th.  We're looking forward to this.  Our album is going to be mastered in the next month or so, too.  Really looking forward to that too.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Video From

Little P, Emily Stewart, and myself recently did a video for a song off our upcoming album with the amazing Harvey Robinson of Monkeywhale Productions. All of the footage you see is us pretending. Even the spoken word intro. Harvey says it's good practice for making a "real" video, but to me, it's pretty real. This is an acoustic version of the song that we played in his hallway, the version off the album that we recorded at On Pop of the World Studios will be much crazier. A huge thanks to Harvey, Carolyn deBerry, and Donna Smith for helping us out and being awesome.

-matty sheets

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blockheads, Megan Jean and the KFB at the Green Bean. March 11th, 7pm.

We'll be playing with our dear friends Megan Jean and the KFB on March 11th at the Green Bean, downtown Greensboro. As it's a Sunday, the show will start early and end early (7pm start time).

Check out the amazing flyer made by out good buddy Keith Warther ( @laserguided , Avant Greensboro).

The next night, Monday, March 12th, we will be having a show/party for our amigo visiting from Austin, Texas- James Marshall Owen. This will also be the Blockheads' two year anniversary, Erin's 30th birthday party, and my birthday. Megan and Byrne are going to stay in town to play another night and have fun with us. Suzanne Stafford, of Come Hell or High Water, will also play a set. There will also be music from Taylor Bays, James Marshall Owen, and myself- with some of the Blockheads.

This will be at an undisclosed location and will be a free show/party. Hint: It'll start around 8pm, which is two hours before the open mic starts on Tuesdays.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Blockheads Octopus Album Update

We've been recording an album since May. Yes, I know it is taking forever, but this is going to be the best recording I have ever been a part of.
We're in the final mixing stages out at On Pop of the World Studios in Reidsville, NC. My dear friend Randy Seals and I have been vigorously mixing the eight tracks that will be on our first album.

I change my mind all the time, but today I think the order will be :

Swimming Pool
Three Big Squids
Slow Driver
Al's Diner
Shitty Day
Walking on Shark (Your Dog is Dog)
When You're Gone

I spent the weekend out there, and we're really getting close to being done. We mixed Swimming Pool for four hours, Al's Diner for about eight hours, Shitty Day took most of yesterday, and Three Big Squids took almost a day.
We only have three more to get done- with very small adjustments to the other five. I'm excited.

The biggest rush I get from mixing these tracks is realizing how damn good the Blockheads really are. Everyone played amazing stuff, and the vocals are divine. I get goose bumps every time Little P hits certain notes, or Erin takes some of the lead vocals on Shitty Day, or Jerrod comes in with a stellar harmony, or Emily's back up vocals just sound so spooky and perfect. These performances are outstanding, and the work Driveway Moore did to ensure great recordings of the instruments is equally outstanding. The vocals, and the mixing work that Randy has done out at On Pop of the World is super duper. We are really working well together on the mixes, and that goes a long way with me. I'm sure I can be a pain in the ass sometimes, as I tend to get rather particular about some things. Randy's patience and cooperation and general know-how is making all of this possible.

On Pop of the World is really a great place to work. Donna Smith, studio manager, is an old friend of mine and her presence seems to add to the good feeling I get when I'm over there.

We should be done within the month, and then it looks like we'll have to play some shows to earn the money to get this sucker duplicated. I can't wait.