Saturday, November 10, 2012

Turntable's Grand Opening

We'll be playing Turntable's Grand Opening in Jamestown, NC on November 17th.  It's a brand new venue/coffee house/bar/cool place.  Here, let me let them tell you about it.  This is from Turntable's website, :

About The Owners:
We are Turntable, aka Jonathan and Renee. If you have not met us yet, we hope that changes soon! Over the past nine years, while living in the DC metro area, independently and as a couple, we found ourselves living in local coffee shops, intimate music venues, and record stores. The idea of Turntable ventures back to our first date when we attended one of these favorite venues for their open mic night. That evening we both shared a vision of opening our own live music venue. With the opportunity to create an atmosphere within a house that holds so much family history, we couldn’t think of a better place to begin.

We have created a unique space with eclectic and vintage furniture that combines inspiration with our own personal flavor. It may remind you of your living room or basement growing up. Either way, we hope the nostalgia mixed with live music will make you feel back at home and happy. Our primary goal is to provide a venue featuring up and coming artists to perform and be heard. Come sit back, relax with your beverage of choice at Turntable - Extended Play for all…

We'll be playing at 1:00pm, following a Pumpkin Smashing event, and right before the band Suitcase.  I'm excited.  -matty