Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blockheads, Megan Jean and the KFB at the Green Bean. March 11th, 7pm.

We'll be playing with our dear friends Megan Jean and the KFB on March 11th at the Green Bean, downtown Greensboro. As it's a Sunday, the show will start early and end early (7pm start time).

Check out the amazing flyer made by out good buddy Keith Warther ( @laserguided , Avant Greensboro).

The next night, Monday, March 12th, we will be having a show/party for our amigo visiting from Austin, Texas- James Marshall Owen. This will also be the Blockheads' two year anniversary, Erin's 30th birthday party, and my birthday. Megan and Byrne are going to stay in town to play another night and have fun with us. Suzanne Stafford, of Come Hell or High Water, will also play a set. There will also be music from Taylor Bays, James Marshall Owen, and myself- with some of the Blockheads.

This will be at an undisclosed location and will be a free show/party. Hint: It'll start around 8pm, which is two hours before the open mic starts on Tuesdays.