Saturday, September 11, 2010

Missing the Low Country!

photograph by Melodi Fentress

It has been almost two months since we made a trip to the Coast. It was good to smell the salt air again, for a while I didn't think I'd ever miss it. It brought back good and bad memories of our time on the pirate ship, a year and a half on the sea will make you learn to love the water and hate it.

We were fortunate enough to get back to dry land before She (the sea) got the best of us, and this trip I found myself wandering through the port looking at a few 30' vessels, thinking how easy it would be for us to just quietly shove off in the middle of the night, BACK OUT TO SEA!

For now we will have to enjoy our time spent visiting the coast, dining on Shrimp n' Grits, smelling the salt air and dipping our toes in the familiar waters of the bay of adventure that is Charleston. Can't wait to go back, its a little dry here and the rain just isn't enough.

-jon bohlen

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