Monday, April 18, 2011

25 boring status updates (share your excitement with your friends)

For all of your social media needs, this list of boring status updates should help you keep posting even when there's nothing to say. I have compiled this list from my own experiences, because I care. Please feel free to leave your own ideas in the form of a comment below. The best, or most boring, will make it to the next boring status update post entitled: more boring status updates.

1. I am drinking grape kool-aid.
2. My laundry is almost ready to be moved to the dryer.
3. The dog is almost dry enough to come inside. He went in the pond earlier.
4. I can feel a couple of hairs in my mustache that need to be trimmed. (male)
5. I can feel a couple of hairs on my knee that need to be trimmed. (female?)
6. I'm pretty sure that the cat just said something in French and the dog was offended.
7. I like Dijon better than yellow, brown, or honey mustard.
8. I was going to get a chocolate bar from the store, but they were closed.
9. I have red laces in my shoes.
10. My socks are brown.
11. I think I'm sitting a bit crooked due to the notebook in my back pocket.
12. One time I saw a UFO, I think.
13. I thought I saw a friend of mine in the car next to me, but then they turned their head and it wasn't them.
14. Sometimes my glasses just get dirty, like magic.
15. I think I have a lazy eye, but I forgot which one.
16. The temperature in here is quite nice.
17. I just opened the dishwasher while it was running.
18. I am drinking hot coffee.
19. I left the house and forgot to put my laundry in the dryer.
20. I like black felt tip pens.
21. My middle name is ______.
22. I saw a motorcycle today.
23. Sometimes I forget what I'm
24. Not getting much done since moving to writer's block.
25. I have to go to the bathroom, but I wanna see how long I can hold it.

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