Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Big Week/Musical Community (?) (!)

What a week.
First of all we would like to thank Greensboro and the Triad and Yes Weekly for voting us runner-up for best new band. Wow.
Right behind our friends, Amelia's Mechanics.
So, thanks so much.

Next, I started a blog/web page where I post ALL live music events happening in Greensboro. It has been useful, apparently. It keeps getting traffic and I keep updating it- check it out HERE and tell me what you think. LMIG.
Crystal Bright started a group on FB with the sole purpose of connecting all bands and performers. Maybe we CAN have a musical community? This stuff excites me.

Then we got put on the bill with David Mayfield Parade at the Blind Tiger- thanks to our sedulous and assiduous manager, Melodi Fentress. We'll be playing there this Thursday, May 5th. Cinco de Mayo. Molly McGinn, from Amelia's Mechanics just may be there. She just may sing a song with us, too. You never know.
Hope to see you at the show!

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