Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fishing for new tunes.

Way out in the country there's a road. Down that road there's a driveway. There are no numbers on the mail box, although there are numbers on the mail box at the next driveway. This driveway, the one without numbers, is a long and winding driveway going up then down then up again.

The house at the end of this driveway has a big front porch overlooking the fishing pond on the other side of the driveway. Hundreds of lily pads with blossoming lotus flowers surround, even envelop the edges of the pond.

photograph by Melodi Fentress

A T-shaped floating dock stretches out from the lily pads to a central point on the pond. A row boat and two oars are flipped on the dock- the boat sits upside down to prevent the collection of rain water.

On the front porch there are potted plants, a cat feeding station, and two fishing poles. With one of those fishing poles I caught a pond bass that I killed, cleaned, scaled, cooked and ate for the first time. It was delicious, and fed us for about a week, but that's another story.

The house at the end of this driveway, across from the fishing pond, has two main floors and a third basement level. The basement wraps around the stairs into three areas.

The quiet is nice here. The frogs (and many other creatures) sing into the night like they are longing for a frog who is across the pond- a long, long way to swim. Fish, deer, mice, frogs, turtles, butterflies and huge dragon flies are everywhere. One night, while fishing on the boat, we came across a -for lack of a better term- Pond Monster.

Yes, a monster. He seemed friendly enough (although he did steal a couple of the girl's bikini bottoms while they were swimming, and put carrots in Harry's beer). The Monster shook our boat a little, laughed at how startled we were, but most of all he scared the fish away and refused to sing the part we assigned him in a round of Row, Row, Row Your Boat (that's also another story).

I keep getting distracted. I apologize. The point here is that at this house, down this driveway, across from the pond where the Pond Monster lives, in the above mentioned basement we have set up sixteen microphones and will be recording our first album. The energy is good, we got some really good takes during the first couple of sessions, we made some progress arranging newer songs, and even wrote some brand new stuff.

I can't wait for the next session.

-matty sheets

We'll be at the Flatiron next Saturday, September 4th, to help our friends The Alcazar Hotel celebrate their Greensboro album release show with The Old One-Two.


  1. Must investigate this "Pond Monster".

  2. yes. investigation is ongoing. will post new findings here.

  3. This just in. The Pond Monster likes the colors yellow, purple, and black the best. Perhaps he's a Laker's Fan?