Sunday, August 29, 2010

the search for the Pond Monster continues...(Arlo gets wet)

Blockhead extraordinaire, Emily Stewart (vocals, banjo, dulcimer, Dixie honkelulu), has a dog. This dog's name is Arlo. I think his full name is Arlo Spaghetti Freddy, but I may have that wrong.

Anywhooo, Arlo is a bit afraid of the water, and has recently started swimming. Today we took him on a quest. A quest of the pond. A quest to find the Pond Monster.

We saw some weird stuff and got a bunch of blurry photos that look way worse than that footage of Bigfoot (shout out to my boy Bigfoot- miss you, buddy. Little P says playing the melodica just isn't the same without you).

The day was not a total loss, however. Emily and Melodi both caught exactly thirteen fish a piece.
-matty sheets

more on the Pond Monster.

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