Monday, August 23, 2010

Recording Session Two

While our first recording session out in the country was a blast, it was cut short by responsibilities and life and logistics and transportation (not everyone made the boat), this second session was great. We had a good Friday night, and an all day Blockhead work out on Saturday.
Jon and Jerrod met me around 5pm on Friday. We set up microphones, sound baffles, and got ready for the rest of the band.
But then we got bored.
We ended up making up a song (which is kinda weird about a collage Emily made called The Lady on the Horse), and doing a version of one of our newest songs, Wicket (about our friends and times in Charleston, SC). It was not the same without everyone, and when they did show up around midnight, we had a blast. (Like I said, some of us missed the boat. They had to wait for the next ship to leave.) I'm not sure if we got any good takes Friday night, but it was a great time.
Saturday was an all out bleeding fingers and voices session.
We recorded a total of nineteen songs (multiple times) including a new one of Emily's and a song I wrote on one of our cigarette breaks. Little P brought a new one, too, and it got recorded with the lot of 'em, something about her love for African American males. (Probably spawned from her fling with the first mate of The Claudia in 2007.)
We are all set up around sixteen microphones. We're all playing at the same time to give us that live feel, to remind us of our times on the pirate ship we worked on (The Claudia), and to keep us in touch with our musical roots.
From what we've done in session two, I have the feeling this is going to be a long album, with many musical interludes and unexpected songs. And I like it.
-matty sheets

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